Oil Palm Trees

Oil Palm

8 Year old Oil Palm tree in our seed nursery, produced 535kg of fruit this year.

Slow height increment for prolonged economic life

With a certain percentage of genes from La Me and Oleifera species, our planting material has the advantage of a short trunk height which translates to a prolonged economic lifespan.

Our 18 year old oil palm has a trunk height of 4.0m as compared to 12.0m for a 25 year old palm from other seed producers. Height increment can measure as low as 25cm per year which is less than half of that from normal plantings.

Many of our trees have 40kg bunches yielding over 400kg per tree / year.

Early Maturity

With the incorporation of the Yangambi gene through the paternal lineage our planting material is vigorous and harvesting of fruits can commence 20 months after planting as opposed to the industry average 30-36 months.

2 Year Old Oil Palm

High Yield

Our planting material can produce a high yield of 48 tonnes FFB (Fresh Fruit Bunches) & 15 Tonnes CPO/PKO (Crude Palm Oil / Palm Kernel Oil) per hectare, per year, at maturity.

Higher ratio of female flowers

Our oil palms have been critically culled for over 30 years for nearly 100% female flowers. This yields more bunches, per tree.

Higher bunch weights

Our oil palm bunches way much more than the industry average.

Higher bunch numbers

Our oil palms consistently produce an average 16 bunches per tree per year from Year 2.

Higher oil to bunch ratio

Our oil palms achieve above 32% oil to bunch ratio when industry average of only 25% is achieved.

Higher oil recovery

Our oil palms produce more oil within fruits when compared to industry standards.

Higher Density Planting

Our Oil Palms have shorter more erect fronds making it possible to plant 156 trees/hectare as compared with industry standard of 132 oil palms/hectare.

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